Installation From Source

This provides information on how to setup the application from source. Note that this is not recommended for production deploys, but will work for development and testing purposes.


There are some runtime requirements for running Talk from source:

Please be sure to check the versions of these requirements. Incorrect versions of these may lead to unexpected errors!



It is highly recommended that you download a released version as the code available in master may not be stable. You can download the latest release from the releases page.

You can also clone the git repository via:

git clone


We now have to install the dependencies and build the static assets.

# Install package dependencies

# Build static files
yarn build

After you create/modify the plugins.json (refer to for plugin docs) file, you can re-run the following to install their dependencies:

# Reconcile plugins
./bin/cli plugins reconcile

# Build static files
yarn build


Refer to the configuration page for required configuration variables to add to the environment.

You can start the server after configuring the server using the command:

yarn start

This will setup the server to serve everything on a single node.js process and is designed to be used in production.

You can see other scripts we’ve made available by consulting the package.json file under the scripts key including:

  • yarn test run unit tests
  • yarn build-watch watch for changes to client files and build static assets
  • yarn dev-start watch for changes to server files and reload the server while also sourcing a .env file in your local directory for configuration