First Setup

Once you’ve installed Talk (either via Docker or source), you still need to setup the application. If you are unfamiliar with any terminology used in the setup process, refer to the document.

Via Web

If you want to perform your setup via the web, you can navigate to your installation of Talk at the path /admin/install. There you will be asked a series of questions for your installation.


If you want to perform your setup through the terminal, you can simply run:

cli setup

And follow the instructions to perform initial setup and create your first user account.


After setup is complete, you can then refer to the /admin/configure path to get the embed code that you can copy/paste onto your blog or website in order to start using Talk.

In order for the embed to work correctly, you will need to whitelist the domain that is allowed to embed your site on the /admin/configure page, failure to do so will result in the comment stream not loading.