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Default Plugins

The default Talk plugins can be found in the plugins.default.json file here.

Talk ships out of the box with these plugins enabled:

We ship Additional Plugins with Talk that are not enabled by default. You can enable these or disable these default plugins by consulting the Plugins Overview page.


Source: plugins/talk-plugin-auth

Enables generic registration via an email address, a username, a password, and a password confirmation. To sync Talk auth with your own auth systems, you can use this plugin as a template.


Source: plugins/talk-plugin-auth

Requires: talk-plugin-facebook-auth

Enables sign-in via Facebook via the server side passport middleware.


Source: plugins/talk-plugin-featured-comments

Enables the ability for Moderators to feature and un-feature comments via the Stream and the Admin. Featured comments show in a first-place tab on the Stream if there are any featured comments on that story.


Source: plugins/talk-plugin-respect

Enables a respect reaction button. Why a “respect” button, you ask? Read more here.


Source: plugins/talk-plugin-comment-content

Pluginizes the text of a comment to support custom treatment of this text. This plugin currently parses the given text to see if it contains a link, and makes them clickable.


Source: plugins/talk-plugin-ignore-user

Enables ability for users to ignore (or “mute”) other users. If a user is ignored, you will not see any of their comments. You can un-ignore a user via the My Profile tab.

Source: plugins/talk-plugin-permalink

Enables a Link button that will provide a permalink to the comment that can be shared with others.


Source: plugins/talk-plugin-viewing-options

Pluginizes the sorting/viewing options for a comment stream.


Source: plugins/talk-plugin-sort-newest

Requires: talk-plugin-viewing-options

Provides a sort for the newest comments first. This isn’t necessarily required as the default sort without options/plugins is newest first.


Source: plugins/talk-plugin-sort-oldest

Requires: talk-plugin-viewing-options

Provides a sort for the newest comments first.


Source: plugins/talk-plugin-sort-most-respected

Requires: talk-plugin-viewing-options, talk-plugin-respect

Provides a sort for the comments with the most respect reactions first.


Source: plugins/talk-plugin-sort-most-replied

Requires: talk-plugin-viewing-options

Provides a sort for the comments with the most replies first.


Source: plugins/talk-plugin-offtopic

Allows the comment authors to tag their comment as Off-Topic which will add a visible badge on the frontend to other users that their comment is off-topic.


Source: plugins/talk-plugin-author-menu

Pluginizes the author’s name on hover.


Source: plugins/talk-plugin-member-since

Requires: talk-plugin-author-menu

Displays the date that the user was created as a Member Since ${created_at}.


Source: plugins/talk-plugin-moderation-actions

Enables in-stream moderation so that Moderators can reject, approve comments, as well as ban users, directly from the comment stream. When talk-plugin-featured-comments is enabled


Source: plugins/talk-plugin-flag-details

Pluginizes the Flag Details area of comments in the Moderation Queues to display data. Some basic details are already included on flags by default.