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Additional Plugins

Talk ships with several plugins that aren’t enabled by default:

These plugins can be enabled by consulting the Plugins Overview page.


Source: plugins/talk-plugin-like

Enables a like reaction button.


Source: plugins/talk-plugin-sort-most-liked

Requires: talk-plugin-viewing-options, talk-plugin-like

Provides a sort for the comments with the most like reactions first.


Source: plugins/talk-plugin-love

Enables a love reaction button.


Source: plugins/talk-plugin-sort-most-loved

Requires: talk-plugin-viewing-options, talk-plugin-love

Provides a sort for the comments with the most love reactions first.


Source: plugins/talk-plugin-remember-sort

Requires: talk-plugin-viewing-options

Enables saving a user’s last sort selection as they browse other articles.


Source: plugins/talk-plugin-deep-reply-count

Enables counting of comments to include replies via a new graph edge. Not recommended for large installations as it will unreasonably reduce the query efficiency to compute this number.


Source: plugins/talk-plugin-slack-notifications

Enables all new comments that are written to be posted to a Slack channel as well. Configure an Incoming Webhook app and provide that url in the form of the SLACK_WEBHOOK_URL detailed below.

Warning: On high volume sites, this means every single comment will flow into Slack, if this isn’t what you want, be sure to use the provided plugin as a recipe to further customize the behavior.


  • SLACK_WEBHOOK_URL (required) - The webhook url that will be used to post new comments to.


Source: plugins/talk-plugin-toxic-comments

Using the Perspective API, this plugin will warn users and reject comments that exceed the predefined toxicity threshold. For more information on what Toxic Comments are, check out the Toxic Comments documentation.


  • TALK_PERSPECTIVE_API_KEY (required) - The API Key for Perspective. You can register and get your own key at
  • TALK_TOXICITY_THRESHOLD - If the comments toxicity exceeds this threshold, the comment will be rejected. (Default 0.8)
  • TALK_PERSPECTIVE_API_ENDPOINT - API Endpoint for hitting the perspective API. (Default
  • TALK_PERSPECTIVE_TIMEOUT - The timeout for sending a comment to be processed before it will skip the toxicity analysis, parsed by ms. (Default 300ms)


Source: plugins/talk-plugin-subscriber

Enables a Subscriber badge to be added to comments where the author has the SUBSCRIBER tag. This must match with a custom auth integration that adds the tag to the users that are subscribed to the service.