Online comments are broken. Mozilla’s open-source, plugin-based tool Talk rethinks how moderation, comment display, and conversation function online, creating the opportunity for better, smarter discussions designed to fit your needs. Read more about Talk here.

Third party licenses are available via the /client/3rdpartylicenses.txt endpoint when the server is running with built assets.

Contributing to Talk

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Supported Browsers


  • Chrome: latest 2 versions
  • Firefox: latest 2 versions, and most recent extended support version, if any
  • Safari: latest 2 versions
  • Internet Explorer: IE Edge, 11

iOS Devices

  • iPad
  • iPad Pro
  • iPhone 5 and later

iOS Browsers

  • Chrome for iOS: latest version
  • Firefox for iOS: latest version
  • Safari for iOS: latest version

Android Devices

  • Galaxy S5 and later
  • Nexus 5X and later

Android Browsers

  • Chrome for Android: latest version
  • Firefox for Android: latest version


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